Beta-lactoglobulin aggregation visualized by AFM

Hidden Markov Models for Diffusive Processes

Conformational changes during ligand recognition in Glucose/Galactose Binding Protein

Production of a microfluidic mixer in PDMS

Protein Conformational Dynamics

Undergraduates benefit greatly from early involvement in meaningful research. 

The amount of freedom in the development of curriculum is strongly dependent on the specific course in question.

Professor Talaga is teaching fourteen sections of Chem 120: General Chemistry I and 1 section of Chem 540: Chemical Thermodynamics.

Professor Talaga is presenting "Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of nanopores" at the Single Molecule Biophysics Conference at the Aspen Center for Physics. 

Prof. Talaga is teaching four sections of Chem 100: Introduction to Chemistry.