B.S. 2005 - Dynamic Light Scattering Studies of protein aggregation leading to amyloid formation. 

Electrical properties of nano pores and nano channels. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. 

The NIGMS has awarded our request for funds to support research activities associated with the development of single molecule information theory and hidden Markov model analysis of single molecule fluorescence trajectory data.

The study of amyloid structure and growth has been motivated by their implication in many human diseases. There are more than 20 diseases associated with excessive deposits of amyloid plaques in the affected tissue or organ including Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD), type II diabetes, and spongiform encephalopathies. 

Summer research assistant sought to join single molecule research for 10-14 weeks during the summer.

Pronchik, J., Giurleo, J. T. & Talaga, D. S. Separation and analysis of dynamic Stokes shift with multiple fluorescence environments: coumarin 153 in bovine beta-lactoglobulin A. J Phys Chem B 112, 11422–11434 (2008).

Explore the rotational substructure of a vibrational spectroscopic transition with this interactive widget. 

Andrec, M.; Levy, R.; Talaga, D. Direct determination of kinetic rates from single-molecule photon arrival trajectories using hidden Markov models. J Phys Chem A 2003, 107, 7454–7464.

Talaga, D. S. COCIS: Markov processes in single molecule fluorescence. Curr Opin Colloid Interface Sci 12, 285–296 (2007).

Talaga, D. S. Information theoretical approach to single-molecule experimental design and interpretation. J Phys Chem A 2006, 110, 9743–9757.

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